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Brown Surname Variations

Bramble Brann Braughn
Braun Braunbeck Braune
Brauneis Brauneller Brauner
Braunhardt Braun - Norway Brauns
Braunschweiger Braunstein Braunton
Braunwalder Brohn
Broun Brownback Brownbill
Brownbridge Browne - Ireland Brownell
Browneller Brownen Browner
Brownfield Brownhill Browning
Brownjohn Brownlee Brownlie
Brownless Brownlow
Brownmiller Brownsburger Brownscombe
Brownson Brownsword Brownyard
Bruan Bruen Bruene
Bruenette Brun Brunet
Brunette Brunetti Le Brun (French)
Bruun - Denmark de Brún - Ireland
Marrone (Italian) Moreno (Spanish) Pardo (Spanish)
Debruijn (Dutch) de Bruijn (Dutch)
We are compiling a list of surnames that may have been changed to "Brown" either by (1) translation, (2) shortening, or (3) a combination of translation and shortening.

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